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Welcome to the Online Dog Trainer. Unfortunately as of today there are literally hundreds of thousands of dog lovers world wide who are struggling, having to deal with puppy problems and or dog problems. The fact of the matter is that most if not all of these dog problems are due to lack of knowledge.

Most If Not All Puppy Problems And Dog Problems Are Due To Lack Of Knowledge..

Sad really, to think that all of this struggling for the dog owners, and agony for the dogs could have been avoided if these owners had known some simple techniques and been given some of the secrets that the top dog trainers know, and understand.

If the people who are struggling with their dog problems knew about what will be shared with you today when they first got their puppies or dog, then none of the dog problems / puppie problems would have ever started in the first place. They would instead enjoy their lives with their well behaving dogs all along

That's right.. All It Takes Are A Few Simple Techniques & Your Dog Problems Are Solved!

Are you struggling with your dog?

Don't think if you have puppy problems or dog problems that all is lost. There is a 99% chance you yourself can turn things around, and it might be a lot easier as than you think it is. Even if you think you've tried everything.. Don't give up. Whatever the dog problem is, we've got the solution. We are here to help.

Are you ready to stop all of those unwanted dog behaviors today? Are you ready to get your puppy or your dog off onto the right track and build that amazing close relationship you've always dreamt of?

If so, then let's get started.

How To Train A Puppy?
How To Train A Dog?
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No matter what dog problems or puppy problems you are having, the online dog trainer has the solution. The online dog trainer video course will give you all the right information, tools and all the confidence you need to correct ANY dog behavior.

The Online Dog Trainer will make sure your puppy will start off the best possible way, assuring no behavior problems will ever arise when he grows up.

The online dog trainer video course is the most complete dog training possible. Plus the online dog trainer himself will personally guide you and tailor make your success for the dog training program.

  • Works On All Dog Breeds! - The Online Dog Trainer method works with all breeds, ages, shapes and sizes and covers everything you'll ever need to know. Your search is over.
  • Thousands Of Happy Dog Owners - Have Transformed Their Relationship With Their Dog with the Online Dog Trainer Video course - And, for sure: You Can Do It Too...
  • The Only SPCA Endorsed Method! - The Online Dog Trainer only teaches kind, gentle methods that work. This is why over 10,000 people have been happy to use the training on their dogs, with excellent results.
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What Others Say About The Online Dog Trainer Video Course:


"I Totally Love The Online Dog Trainer.."

"I totally love the online dog trainer... and his training methods! I even bought a couple of months for my daughter and her family. They have a 1 year old border collie/lab mix and he tries very hard to be the pack leader in every situation. I have an 11 week old female border/lab mix. I think I have watched every video and also everything on the forum.

We are trying our best to implement the 5 Golden Rules in our whole family system and have already seen a lot of benefit in the 1 year old and the puppy. I feel my puppy is getting off to a great start, even though she can be a little rascal at times. I really appreciate the video's because Dan's calm demeanour helps me to remain calm when dealing with situations. Thanks for all your insight and contribution to the relationships between doggies and their people!"

Sara Byrnes.

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"I implemented the 5 golden rules and already noticing a difference"

"Hey Dan, I started with your free videos a couple of weeks ago and have now signed up and am really enjoying going through the info on your website. I have implemented the 5 golden rules and am already noticing a difference. My dog used to always be jumping up all over the ranch slider when I got up in the morning or when I got home at night, she now knows she has to sit quietly outside before I let her in.

My friends know to ignore her and not to talk to her when they come over or we meet up with them elsewhere and she is slowly learning not to jump up on them. The gesture eating is also going really well. I have really noticed a change! We'll keep all of this going and I'm sure the digging and chewing outside will also eventually go away as well. It's amazing how differently I now view her behaviour. What I previously interpreted as happiness to see me and excitement, I now know is her trying to assert herself as pack leader.

Thanks for your help so far!"

Karen Cooper.

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"I called and actually spoke to the online dog trainer Dan himself, he was amazing!"

"My family and I recently adopted a puppy and have not had very much success with puppies in the past. I found the online dog trainer's website by doing a Google search, and realized does this really work? I looked at some of the videos during my trial and it seemedto me that just learning the pack leader situation and the following of the simple rules wouldn't really work.

But I figured I would give it a shot and at least see. So I purchased a membership and started looking at the first section which was the pack leader section. I tried to explain to my family about the establishment of being a pack leader and how we had to show them that we are the pack leaders, they all laughed and said there is no way and for me not to believe everything on the internet.

After a few days establishing i am the pack leader,I was now the only person in my family that could go into a room with the puppy and not have the puppy cry,put the puppy to sleepwithout having him cry, and even have him follow My Commands. I still had one problem and needed help. I called and actually spoke tothe online dog trainer Dan himself, he was amazing.

You know his methods must work when someone from the United States calls another country because your methods work better than anyone else. for all of the skeptics who don't believe he is a real person... he is, And not to mention one of the nicest guys I've ever talked to. They are not a lot of people in the US, who will give you a number to contact them whenever you have a problem."

John Torres.

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Dog Training Guide:

free dog training guide

As a thank you for visiting us today we'd like to offer you a free gift. Please download the Online Dog Trainer dog training guide today. In it you will learn the following:

  • 1. Become Te Pack Leader - Of all the things that’s going to help you to stop any unwanted behavior is understanding how to become the pack leader.
  • 2. Reading Te Situation – (Tool: Te Energy Meter) -One of the most important tricks of the trade in dog training is learning to pick up on the very subtle message that your dog is giving you.
  • 3. The Power Of Calm Energy – (Tool: Te Calm Freeze) - Nowadays it seems like everyone is talking about calm energy, but very few people actually have any advice on how to apply it to dogs.
  • 4. Success Starts At Home – (Tool: Time Out) - Sometimes the simplest things are the most powerful and it is so true of this dog training technique that the Dog Trainer is about to share with you now.
  • 5. Control Te Environment – (Tools: Long Line & Short Line) - In this chapter the online dog trainer talks about the importance of controlling the environment when we are training our dogs.
  • 6. Inside Every Dog Is A Great Dog - The Online Dog Trainer believes that inside every dog is a good dog and inside every good dog is a great dog. It is a simple statement, but one found to be true with every dog, every time.
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